Vol. 2

7 tools for improving conversions

The top tools retailers should be using in order to increase ecommerce conversions.

Online shopping has transformed the modern exchange of goods and services, while radically redefining the relationship between buyer and seller. The internet has given consumers unlimited access to virtual stores, plus a seemingly endless supply of products, and variety. Customers can now shop from the comfort of their home, office, or train seat – great for time-strapped consumers, and mobile users on-the-go.

In volume 2 of the Ultimate eCommerce Playbook, we focus on insights, and best practices to help merchants optimize their checkout rates, improve their user experience, and navigate through the vast ecosystem of software and ecommerce platforms that promise to boost conversions, and optimize checkout flows. We’ll give you the low down on the types of tools that can make a real difference to your ecommerce site and increase those all-important conversion rates.

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7 Tools for Improving Conversions
01Why am I not converting?Why am I not converting?
02Type-ahead address verification: Optimizing the online checkoutTool 1: Type-ahead address verification
03Search optimization: Helping shoppers find the product they wantTool 2: Search optimization
04A/B testing: Transforming your online storeTool 3: A/B testing
05Product recommendation: Personalizing the shopping experienceTool 4: Product recommendation
06Live chat: Increasing trust and overcoming issuesTool 5: Live chat
07Shipping: Creating a great customer experience from order to deliveryTool 6: Shipping
08User feedback: Finding out what shoppers think of your siteTool 7: User feedback
09Key takeaways: Quick wins for a successful ecommerce siteKey takeaways