Setup guides

Addressy setup is easy as 'copy & paste' but if you need a little help, here are some useful resources.

Quick Setup Guide

Get help with the quickest way to get Addressy on your website forms.

Advanced Setup Guide

For help with more advanced Addressy implementations and customizations.

WooCommerce Setup Guide

How to install Addressy into your WooCommerce checkout.

Zoey Setup Guide

How to install Addressy into your Zoey checkout.

Magento 1 Setup Guide

How to install Addressy into your Magento 1 checkout.

Magento 2 Setup Guide

How to install Addressy into your Magento 2 checkout.

Looking for an API?

If you know what you're doing with your development, maybe our APIs will suit you. We have various ways for you to consume our services, whether you like JSON, XML, or something else - there's something for everyone.

Go to the API documentation

Frequently asked questions

  • How do I get Addressy on my website? It's really easy to add Addressy to your website forms, we'll guide you through each step when you log into your account. There's a small snippet of code to copy and paste onto your webpage. To make install even easier, we’ve got apps and plugins coming soon for popular ecommerce platforms like Magento and Shopify.
  • Can I remove the Addressy branding from the interface? If you are using one of our paid plans then you can turn off the Addressy branding in your account settings.
  • Do you provide a Service Level Agreement? If you choose a Premium plan (for large volumes), you will automatically have access to our SLA.
  • Which countries does Addressy work in? Addressy works internationally for over 240 countries. By default, US and Canadian addresses are enabled; you can decide which addresses you want to make available to users by adjusting the settings in your account.
  • Where does the data come from? We source our data from the best-in-class providers including official data providers such as: USPS, Canada Post, the UK's Royal Mail, Australia Post etc.
  • How often is your data updated? Our data is updated as soon as the data is made available from our data providers e.g. USPS data is updated monthly, the UK's Royal Mail data is updated daily. These updates are passed on automatically.
  • Can I use my Addressy account for more than one website? Yes, you can set up Addressy on as many forms and websites as you want. Bear in mind that they will share the credits on your plan. If you want to have different plans for each instance then we recommend creating separate accounts.
    If you are integrating Addressy for clients on different projects, you might like to consider becoming a partner so you can manage multiple 'child' accounts online; you can earn rewards each time you recommend or install Addressy to a new customer.

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