Building websites or overseeing platform integrations for clients? Become a partner and earn rewards for implementing Addressy.


As a valued Addressy partner, we’ll help you provide your clients with the most intelligent data verification technology on the market. Your customers will instantly benefit from a better user experience and  improved data quality, while you continue to earn additional, ongoing revenue from your projects.

"We came across Addressy at a Magento Imagine conference and haven’t looked back since. The partner program you operate is great, you are like an extension of our team." Matt Rickerby, Head of Marketing

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Becoming a partner is simple. In return, our commitment to you includes:

Cutting Edge Tech

Access to the latest cutting edge technology


A hassle free revenue stream with no upfront costs

User Experience

A great user experience that your clients will love

Account Management

Easy account management and hassle free invoicing


Straightforward sign-up process for you and your clients

Your partner commission is based on the amount of new customers you introduce:

Standard Partner

Earn 20% commission on all revenue generated from new clients in their first year as an Addressy customer.

Premium Partner

All Standard Partner benefits PLUS: If you generate $10,000 or more from new clients each year, you will continue to earn 10% recurring commission from your existing clients’ revenue.

Detailed definitions

  • Commission Is payable on all qualifying revenue generated by Addressy from new customers introduced by our standard or premium partners (excluding sales or other direct taxes). Commission is paid quarterly subject to a minimum commission payment of $100 due to the standard or premium partner
  • Recurring For premium partners to earn recurring commission, the premium partner must generate an additional $10,000 worth of new business in the 12 month period following the initial customer's first purchase or no recurring commission will be paid. New business is defined as a paying customer who has not previously purchased from Addressy in the past.
  • First year All revenue generated from a new customer during the first year of opening an account.
  • Premium Partner Introduces Addressy to new customers who have not previously purchased from Addressy in the past. Premium partner overseas getting the customer onboard and set up
  • Standard Partner Introduces Addressy to new customers who have not previously purchased from Addressy in the past. Addressy gets the customer onboard and set up.

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