Fixing Failed Deliveries:
Improving Data Quality in Retail

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Few experiences have the power to damage a retailer's reputation like a failed delivery; yet 1 in 20 online orders never reach their destination, and many retailers don’t have the technology in place to fix it.

This study compiles data from 300 retailers and over 2000 global customers to determine why delivery failures occur, what consequences they have for etailers, and how to stop them from happening through improving data quality.

Discover global insights from retailers and consumers to improve logistics, revenue, and reputation.

What's in the study?

Consumers and retailers see things differently


Consumers attribute only 9% of late or failed delivery to wrong address details.


Retailers attribute at least 20% of late or failed delivery to wrong address details.

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The real cost for retailers

Delivery issues hit retailers in three ways:

Delivery truck

Logistics costs


of consumers expect the retailer to resolve the issue

Lost money

Lost sales


of retailers admit it results in a significant loss in revenue

Cracked flowerpot

Damaged reputation


of consumers would avoid using a retailer again

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The bottom line for consumers


experience a late or failed delivery


believe international orders carry more risk


would shop more if delivery risks decrease

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Learn how failed deliveries can hurt your business, including long-term consequences that can ruin a brand for good.