Like other address verification services, Addressy checks addresses for accuracy but what really makes our cutting-edge technology unique is the range of product features included, backed by our team of experts.

Real-time, inline validation

A lot of websites don’t detect a problem with an address until users proceed to the next step, so validating in real-time can reduce the number of steps in your customer journey, speeding up the order process.

Address autocomplete

Addressy checks the address information as the user types and only returns valid, accurate addresses for them to choose from when autocompleting your address form.

Customer confidence

By checking the address at the point of entry, you show users that you have recorded their delivery details accurately and boost confidence in your ability to deliver the goods.

Cleanse data upfront

Addressy also removes the need to cleanse addresses after the data is collected and avoids guess work when mistakes cannot be checked with the customer so easily.

Fuzzy error correction

Most address errors are caused by typos and mistakes made by users when they type, especially when dealing with reduced screen sizes on mobile devices. You can't always see your own mistakes, so an address solution that does not handle these errors in a user-friendly way can create a dead-end for online orders.

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Location biasing

Many street names are are not unique - for example, in the US there are over 10,000 cities and towns which have a ``Main Street`` or a ``Second Street``. Addressy's unique location-biasing tailors search results to show the addresses closest to a customer's actual location, reducing the number of keystrokes to find their address even further.

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International address searching

Because Addressy is multilingual, you can search in a variety of languages and character sets, for example the French and English version of a Canadian street can both be used to find the address.

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International Addressing

Best-in-class data quality

Addressy checks addresses for accuracy against a global portfolio of best-in-class address databases, resulting in complete and accurate deliverable addresses.

To provide global coverage, our address data is sourced from suppliers including United States Postal Service, Canada Post, Australia Post, the UK’s Royal Mail and a host of other best-in-class providers.

Addressy is updated automatically, as soon as the data is made available from the providers to ensure the information you receive is complete and accurate. When you consider that USPS made 37m address changes and added 1.1m new delivery points in 2015 alone, continually updating the database is essential to help ensure the customer can readily find their address.

Addressy includes US Suites and Apartment numbers and returns a standardized address format with ZIP+4 postal codes, increasing the deliverability of your mail. There are on average only 8 buildings per “ZIP+4” code which therefore significantly narrows down the number of addresses which the parcel should be delivered to, helping ensure the parcel arrives right first time.

Canada Post
Royal Mail
Australia Post
AZ Direct

Predictive typing and autocomplete

Addressy’s smart technology works with the user to make completing their address as fast as possible – checking it for accuracy along the way. No matter how your customer decides to type their address, Addressy will begin auto-suggesting matching results right away, predicting words as they type.

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Predictive typing on iPad

Ever-evolving technology

Addressy will get smarter and smarter, thanks to the self-learning technology inside. The more Addressy is used to search for addresses, the smarter it becomes, recognizing common misspellings, abbreviations and the most popular search results. As more people use the same words and make the same mistakes, Addressy learns to deliver even more helpful results next time.

Our technology is used on thousands of websites, millions of times each day so it’s getting smarter all the time.

We love to innovate and Addressy has a rich development roadmap, bursting with new ideas and performance enhancements. We don’t stand still and neither should you. We’ll deliver Addressy updates automatically so you can benefit from new features and improvements right away.

Reliably secure

We understand that your checkout is the most important part of your ecommerce site, which is why our technology is always on, protected from environmental and technical faults with several concurrent data centers around the world.



Queries are typically served in under 40 milliseconds and a complex security infrastructure gives you complete control to guard against misuse.



We process thousands of queries a minute and have a robust platform in place to scale easily on demand.



Our target uptime is 99.999% including maintenance, with Service Level Agreements available for Premium customers.



Addressy is also ISO27001:2013 certified, giving you peace of mind that our data is securely hosted. Your data is your data, we’ll never share it with anyone else.

Easy integration

Addressy is designed with the best user experience in mind for you and your customers.

Our super easy setup process means it can be up and running on your website in minutes, with or without a developer.

Copy and paste the Addressy JavaScript onto your web page or plug in one of our apps and extensions for popular ecommerce platforms including Magento, Woocommerce and Shopify.

Flexible Pricing

With Addressy you’re not tied into lengthy contracts. We publish our prices on our website and there’s a choice of monthly subscription packages. Pay online with a credit card to get started without a sales pitch.Unlike competitor services, we only charge you for a fully verified address, not per individual keystroke entered.

We even offer a free plan if you just need to validate small amount of US addresses – try it out, there’s nothing to lose.

We allow your Addressy spend to grow with your business; you can upgrade online any time to increase your available address verification credits – perfect to prepare for busy tradings periods or promotions.

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