Pura Vida Bracelets is a jewelry company inspired by the Costa Rican philosophy of pura vida (pure life). The company provides fair trade employment opportunities for over 150 independent artisans worldwide, while partnering with over 190 global charities to bring its unique handcrafted bracelets to customers around the world.

Pura Vida needed to improve their checkout UX and address data quality. They searched the market and identified Addressy as the best tool for their Shopify Plus store.

Thanks to Addressy, we’ve removed friction from our ecommerce checkout. Our global customers now have the ability to find their accurate address in just a few keystrokes.

How has Addressy helped?

After using Addressy in their ecommerce checkout, Pura Vida saw a 4.6% increase in conversions, a 2% lift in AOV, and a 9% lift in revenue, in just twelve days.

CEO Griffin Thall says, “Our customers now have a better experience, and we’re seeing an uplift in conversions. This uplift is fantastic, but there are also more downstream benefits to consider including better data quality and overall happier customers.”

puravida checkout
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