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What to look for when selecting a new ecommerce platform

4 key focus points to make your ecommerce site holiday-season ready

In 2016, ecommerce made up 10.6% of the total US holiday season sales, and reached $112 billion. This year, US retail ecommerce sales are set to soar even higher – reaching an impressive 16.6% over the holiday season. This solidifies just how important it is to ensure your ecommerce site is ready for the festive period, as it can be the difference between having a stressful time and having a seriously successful time.

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The chain reaction of a failed delivery

The customer experience starts at the first site visit and ends well after the item has been received. Increasing shipment options are leading to increasingly high expectations; customers want their purchases now. Not meeting the expectations of your customers can lead to disastrous consequences for your brand. The chain reaction of a failed delivery sheds some light on these consequences and explains why it’s essential for ecommerce companies to deliver the goods.

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How U.S. sales tax rates work

As many online sellers will attest, the United States has one of the most complex sales tax systems in the entire world. Today’s post from TaxJar will help online sellers and other retailers understand how charging U.S. sales tax works.

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Top 5 mobile ecommerce productivity tools

Whether you’re launching an ecommerce business or scaling a large multi-channel enterprise, time is your most valuable asset. As an entrepreneur, you are in charge of every aspect of your business and must constantly learn new skills, manage new processes, and handle an ever-growing list of responsibilities.

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